Where the Men are Fools and the Women are Never Dressed...

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Candy Cabs had us Cracking Up!!!

So who else has spent the past three Tuesday nights wriggling around giggling at the mass amount of pink whilst occasionally jumping up and pointing at the TV set shouting “There’s Lymm village!!!!” Yes the short but sweet series which briefly flirted with our TV screens was everything it promised to be...sexy, sassy and seriously good fun!

Well why wouldn’t you have Sex Bomb playing at your Funeral?....

With the first episode kicking off with a funeral, marriage mayhem, several panic attacks and some serious flirting, Candy Cabs is a wonderfully witty and boldly bright deliberate move away from the “grim up North” stereotype. Imagine the cast of Loose Women running a taxi firm....It was full of cheeky banter, loveable laughs and a fleet of pink cabs that would turn Katie Price green with envy.

A Charming Cast of Feisty Females and Flamin’ Men

The series follows Northern nutters Jackie (Jo Joyner) and Elaine (Lisa Millet), along with the rest of their wacky, tacky loveable bunch of feisty fruitcakes, as they try to save a business whilst dealing with their own mad chaotic private lives. A shared dream of Candy coloured Cabbies with built in hair tongs and some pretty spectacular paint jobs, has the ladies constantly faced with sugar coated obstacles. But nothing that a cheeky batting of lashes, swift readjustment of cleavage and the odd Marigold glove won’t solve! They may be addicted to putting on lip-gloss, obsessed with losing weight and don’t know the difference between diesel and petrol, but these wonderfully witty women and their sparkling eye shadow mean business.

And there’s no end to their trouble with the flamin’ fellas! A tangoed Marbella cowboy in tiger-print Speedos, the King of Cabs Kenny Ho (no he’s not Chinese), and a cheeky, charming, definitely delicious Head of Taxi Permits Department keep the girls on their pretty pedicured toes along their bumpy road to success.

A Sassy Sparkle of a Second Series?

Closing the series with the Candy-coated Cab’s door left open, the tickled pink performance may well come cruising back into town with a cheeky second series. Although for now, the brilliantly banterful and side-splitting comedy has left us pink and fuzzy inside and craving for another sugar hit soon.