Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Many of you may have noticed that for the past few months Lymm.com has been absent from your computer screens. We are pleased to inform you that during that period "The Team" have been quietly working behind the scenes, putting together a NEW LOOK community website.

Lymm. Com is back, "Welcome to your village"

Whilst it is still in it's infancy we hope you enjoy the new look. It has a new modern feature rich look and feel. Over  the coming weeks and months we will continue to work to further enhance and improve the content. So LYMM FOLK, if you have any ideas that would help to improve your community website please let us know on ken@lymm.com or contact us here.

Webcams, media gallery, news and weather. All the old favourites are back. We are however looking for ideas, helpers, bloggers, news reporters.......... In fact if there is anyone out there with any positive, constructive ideas or suggestions just contact us at ken@lymm.com or contact us here. We will be only to happy to meet over a coffee and listen to any suggestions you may have.

If it's Do-able " Let's Do It"

Lymm.com -----------"Welcome to your village"