We Meerkats have a Meercam - Simples !!

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

New Meercam Comes Online

Yes folks, it's true. Mummy and daddy meerkat, Corrine and Ivan (landlords of the Star Inn), Lymm have decided to humour their kids and put them live on Lymm.com TV. Follow their antics of the "Ant Hill Mob" 24/7 on their very own big brother programme. Watch them feast on live cockroaches and meal worms. Latest gossip in the pen is that romance is in the air. Ivan (with his keen eye for trim figures) has noticed that one of the ladies is putting on weight (well spotted Ivan). The Lymm.com TV crew are thinking of putting a second webcam in the pen so the kids can be seen when they arrive. What do you think?

Don't Forget The Raccoons

Sid and Simone, our resident raccoons, are still happily living in Meerkat Korner. They asked for some new neighbours so, happy to oblige, Ivan has plans for "Leeroy's Lizards". We will keep you informed of a move in date together with more information on breeds etc. We may even put Leeroys Lizards under the lens. Simples!