Stolen Digger

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

A JCB vehicle worth over £40, 000 goes missing from Lymm Village

Gwyn Daf Roberts, the owner of the vehicle tells us his story . . .

In the early hours of Monday morning on the 1st February, a JCB 3CX digger to the value of £41/42k was stolen from Lymm Village. The vehicle was chained up to a compressor and had a deadlock device fitted. However, this model of vehicle works from a one key fits all basis. The registration of the vehicle is CX58 FFM.

Residents in the village say they heard the digger starting up at approximately 5:45am on Monday morning and assumed the workmen were starting work early. Shortly after, when Gwyn arrived at work, he discovered that his digger had in fact been stolen.

Happy ending

Amazingly, 36 hours after the vehicle had been taken it was found by a Mr Adam Cloherty! He discovered the digger at 4:30pm on Tuesday afternoon at junction 6 on the M60 close to Sale Water Park. Thanks to Mr Cloherty, Gwyn Daf and his digger are reunited again.