Save Little Shannon

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

The Shannon Boam Appeal Fund

I’m sure you’re all aware by now of little Shannon Boam’s story. Born at 42 weeks, Shannon spent her first week in the neonatal unit with a hospital visit to Alder Hay in Liverpool. After Doctors were unable to make a diagnosis of Shannon’s condition there, she was transferred to London where they discovered straight away it was in fact Peters Plus Syndrome.

Peters Plus Syndrome

Peters Plus Syndrome is an inherited condition that is characterised by eye abnormalities. It is a very rare condition with fewer than 70 people reported with it worldwide. Eye problems seen in Peters Plus Syndrome involve a thinning and clouding of the cornea causing blurred vision, however the severity of eye symptoms varies between individuals. In Shannon’s case, she was born with no cornea and after suffering with a corneal infection in her right eye she lost the eye completely in July 2009.

The operation Shannon requires is called a Keratoprosthesis (K pro) and costs £27,000. The procedure itself is also only possible in the USA, specifically in Rochester in New York by a Surgeon named Dr James Aquavella. Once Shannon has undergone the operation, she will regain 98% vision.

Fund Raising

For Shannon to receive this treatment, the £27,000 needs to be raised within a year. So far after all the help and support they have received, the Shannon Boam Fund has raised approximately £15,000. The full £27,000 is needed for the operation itself, as ChildFlight have kindly funded the cost of Shannon’s and an accompanying adult air fares.

A message from Shannon’s mother and father

“One message for people out there is that no matter how big or small the donation, the way we look at it is that every penny donated is a penny closer to getting our beautiful little girl nearer to an operation to potentially give her sight.”

What can you do to help

Shannon’s parents are eternally grateful of all the fund raising and support they have received from everyone so far. If you have any fund raising ideas or are able to arrange an event then please contact Simon and Julie Boam on 01925 754969 or email via

Alternately, if you would like to send a donation, then all donations can be made via Shannon’s Bank account: Account no. 0005 0005, Sort Code 09 00 00.

Or cheques made payable to Shannon Jade Boam can be sent to Julie and Simon Boam at:

  • 58 Renshards Place,
  • High Legh,
  • Knutsford,
  • Cheshire.
  • WA16 6NG.

Thank you to anyone who is able to help. If it is not possible for the money for Shannon’s operation to be raised and she is unable to undergo the procedure, she will lose her sight completely.

Video about Baby Shannon