Our Brave Blokes Bare it All!!!

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Wait till you see the size of Hopkinson’s hot meat pies....

Attention Ladies of Lymm!

It looks to be a fairly satisfying year ahead when you feast your eyes on the Lymm Ladies latest project.... The Lymm Calendar Boys have arrived and they're not leaving much to the imagination...

A noble cause

Featuring some rather endearing images of local Lymm businessmen and their tools, the Lymm Calendar Boys calendar is somewhat appealing to the naked eye to say the least! All in the name of ‘Everyman’ Charity - the UK’s leading prostrate and testicular cancer campaign, and a number of other local charities, these brave men have really done their bit for a noble cause. Beginning to wonder what kind of eye-candy’s going to be hanging up next to your fridge freezer next year then?? Keep reading....

From Barmen in the Buff... to Cyclists completely starkers! !

Have a butchers at January girls, they’ve got their best cuts of meat on display in their window! February stands by its title of a lustful month with a cheeky scene of an open fire and a charming woodsman. All flowers are in bloom (thankfully!) in March, whilst April will tempt you to make the first move. Grab your harness and climbing rope for some experimental acrobatics in May, before firing up your engine with the boys in June, these guys really take it up a gear and will definitely have you reaching for the handbrake! July has us all hot in the kitchen with some seriously spicy sausage, whilst everyone’s favourite Yard Boy in August has never made wellies look more appealing. September’s showers bring out their best tackle-rs, whilst October’s pint sized pin up is bitter sweet. Expect fireworks and sparks to fly with November’s colourful creator, whilst December’s gift wrapped surprise will give you a ride around town. Let’s not forget our cover boys with an eye-brow raising snap shot of them stirring their toys and ringing their bells. And finally, finishing off the calendar year is everyone’s favourite man to snuggle up to with a thank you note to all those involved.

The Lymm Ladies

So who do we have to thank for this dazzling display on uncovered craftsman then? The Lymm ladies are the brains behind the bared bums, with particular reference to Cath Sharman and Kay Hilton who came up with the idea about a year ago whist enjoying some suggestive appetizers at Flavours. A year later and they’ve got a delightful collection of disrobed and exposed gentlemen, all keen to strip down to their skins for a worthy cause. Thank you ladies, and also thank you to Sandi the photographer and Andy the printer for this seductive spin on the year ahead.

Some behind the scenes shots