Official opening of long awaited outdoor play area

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Press Release

Lymm Village Hall Playgroup will be officially unveiling its outdoor play area at its premises in Pepper Street, Lymm, next week. The playgroup, which has been resident in Lymm for 37 years, is using the paved area at the front of the Village Hall to create the play area using temporary fencing that can be erected and dismantled as and when needed.

Rangers Captain and Scotland International footballer David Weir will be officially opening the outdoor play area on Monday 15th March at 1.30 pm.

It will be lovely to see all the children playing outside

Work is beginning on the fence this week so the children will be able to take advantage of this current wave of spring-like weather. “It will be lovely to see all the children playing outside when it’s a nice sunny day”, said Lymm Village Hall Playgroup chairman Joy Parkinson. The fenced off area will enable the children to play outdoors safely. “Up until now any trips out of the Village Hall had to be carefully planned, with only two children being allowed out with an adult at any one time. This new outdoor area will be a huge benefit to both staff and children”, she added.

Warrington Borough Council has provided the funding for the fencing and the shed to store it in once dismantled.