Meerkat Korner

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Zee Meerkats come to Lymm!!!!

Some people think Meerkats, zay come from Russia. Other people say Kalahari desert - Botswana, or Nabin desert in Namibia. Well folks, you were the first to know. Zee meerkats zay come from Meerkat Korner in Lymm. Yes, honest, it's true. Ivan "The Terrible" and Corinne " The Queen" mine hosts of that fab watering hole, The Star Inn, Statham, welcome one and all to visit "The Ant Hill Mob" plus supporting acts at their new home Meerkat Korner, The Star Inn, Lymm.

Meerkats are small mammals belonging to the Mongoose family. They live for 12/14 years and are primarily insectivors. A typical group of 20 to 40 members is called a mob, gang or clan (hence the name Ant Hill Mob). Unlike Ivan, they have no body fat. However they do have something in common, they forage for food daily. That is where the similarity ends because, Meerkats, are busy little creatures having up to 4 litters of babies per year. A typical litter can be 4/5 babies. Ivan and Corinne are soon to become the proud parents of a new litter so, pop into The Star this weekend and be one of the first to visit Meerkat Korner. At the same time enter the competition to name the new babies.

Big brother is back on the box, however, if you would like to see 24/7 live coverage of Meerkat Korner on Lymm Webcams please email your support to Matthew

Spread the word, tell a friend, "The boys are back in town" at Meerkat Korner, The Star Inn, Lymm.