May Queen Given Go ahead

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Great News for Lymm

Following on from our article on the May Queen Meeting, you will all be pleased to know that Lymm May Queen Festival will be going ahead this year.

Last week, May Queen committee chairman Sean Kerfoot had announced that this year's festival had been cancelled. The main issue was that organisers feared they could be held personally liable in relation to heavy vehicles passing through on to the May Queen field and potentially damaging the water mains beneath. Cost of the damage could be as much as £250,000, he claimed.

Sean Kerfoot quoted: “As Chair of this event I would like to think we will have a May Queen this year but there would have to be conditions regarding access to the May Queen field and written confirmation that no member of the organising committee would be held financially responsible for any damage to the driveway”.

The Emergency Meeting

At the emergency meeting members of the council agreed to underwrite the event using public funds provided conditions are met to avoid members of the organising committee being held personally responsible for any damage that might occur.

One of the conditions was that a bond of £1,000 will also be required from the fairground operators, which will be used, in addition to any profits from the event, as a security if any damage to pipe work occurs. Any further costs will be covered by Lymm Parish Council. This agreement is for the 2010 event only.

A big challenge to organise the event, select a May Queen, Rose Queen and other characters lies before the May Queen Committee.

View details on Lymm Parish Council.