Malcolm Croft Art Exhibition

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

One of the North West’s best artists shows his work in Lymm

On Thursday 24th June, Collect Art will be holding an exhibition at 7.00pm. The solo works of Malcolm Croft who is one of the North West’s best artists will be shown. Wine and canapes will be served.

The inspirational story of Malcolm Croft

Malcolm grew up in the north of England and went to college to study photography in Kent. On leaving college he worked as a press photographer in Fleet Street and in Manchester. In 1997 he won the ‘Press Photographer of the Year’ Award for his coverage of the IRA bomb attack on the city. Malcolm has many fond memories of the time spent travelling the world photographing news, sport and the Royal Family.

A turning point

Whilst out cycling in Derbyshire, Malcolm was unfortunately hit by a car. His injuries from the accident were so severe that he was forced to retire. He spent many years raising his two sons. In 2005 when his eldest son was eighteen he realised his days as a full time dad were numbered. That is when his wife suggested he take up painting. Malcolm who is self taught was always keen on drawing but had never really painted before. His wife gave him oil paints and he set to work on a picture of a canal in Amsterdam. He enjoyed it so much this is when he decided he had found what he was looking for; he was going to be a painter.

A style began to slowly emerge in his work. Bright colours and bold outlines identify his work and he likes to see the texture of the paint and the work involved in the making of a painting.

Some years later

What started out as a hobby has now transformed to the point where Malcolm finds himself on the brink of success. In a short space of time he has taken part in a string of successful group exhibitions and has become a leading light in the largest arts co-operative, ‘Vernon Mills Artists’, Stockport. Though suffering almost constant chronic pain from his accident, Malcolm tries to paint as much as he can. He takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo, who has devised ways to produce work of quality despite the challenges he faces.

For more information on the exhibition at Collect Art contact Martin Heaps on 01925 75 9988.

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