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By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Real Radio’s Renegade Guy causes chaos in Lymm!. Are you the Real Radio Renegade?

Wednesday 28th April 2010

The North West’s most wanted man was in Lymm on Wednesday evening, ready to be hunted down in the effort for someone to win a share of £100, 000!

If you’re new to the term Real Radio Renegade, it’s simply a man from Real Radio who visits various locations throughout the North West in a bid to be tracked down by members of the public and asked “Are you the Real Radio Renegade?” If you’re successful in finding him and asking him these exact words then you could win a share of £100, 000.

“He’s stood outside the pub!”

On Wednesday evening, Lymm village centre was a mass of disorder, madness and confusion as people were racing around like crazy in the attempt to track down the Real Radio Renegade who had been discovered to be in Lymm. However, safe at home, away from all the commotion, Matthew Chambers ( simply logged on to Lymm Webcams in the effort to seek out the Real Radio Renegade via our webcams located around the village. Jackpot! He was standing right outside the Spread Eagle! So Matt phoned up Real Radio and they put him live on air to tell all the stations listeners about his sighting of the Real Radio Renegade through’s webcams!’s webcams now on Real Radio’s website

Amongst the excitement, members of the Real Radio team logged on to the site to view the Real Radio Renegade via the webcams themselves. With the whole of Lymm village at absolute mayhem it was highly amusing to watch everyone scurrying around the screen in search of their Renegade Guy, so they captured some images of the chaos and posted them on the Real Radio website. View the photographs of Lymm village during the Real Radio Renegade madness.

Want to be part of the Real Radio Renegade excitement? To help you find him, you need to be listening to Real Radio as each weekday they give a clue as to his whereabouts and reveal how much the bounty is on his head. The bounty periods are between 8-10am, 12-2pm and 4-6pm every weekday so stay alert because another destination is just around the corner!