Lymm Turns a Brighter Shade of Pink

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Candy Cabs Grace the Street

You may have noticed a number of ‘Candy Cabs’ cruising round the village centre and that the former Post Office is now sporting a new pink theme! Well is here to inform you of the goings on of all these new pink appearances...

Our beautiful picturesque village is currently being used as the filming location for a new series about to appear on the BBC. The three-part series follows a female taxi firm “Candy Cabs” which operates from what use to be Lymm Post Office. Various other spots in the village will feature in the series such as Lymm Chip Shop which has been renamed ‘South Hadley Fryer’, Lymm Bistro which is now ‘Markhams Bistro’ and the Youth Club which now goes by the name of ‘Hotwheels Garage’.

But what more can we expect? Who’s going to be in it? And what else can they possibly cover in pink frosting?! Stay tuned for all the updates on this story!