Lymm Duck Race

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Lymm Duck Race

It's the high point of the Easter Weekend in Lymm when the Lymm Racing Ducks are launched into the Dingle!

Every year at noon on Easter Monday, the Lymm & District Round Table launch a thousand yellow racing ducks into Lymm Dingle. Each little duck is fantastically excited to be able to swim again in the Dingle after being cooped up in a crate for the past 12 months. They waddle and splash their way down the Dingle, competing with each other to get to the finish line first and be the winner!

The little yellow ducks are cheered on by families and children, who can’t wait to see which of the little fellows will be the winning duck on the day.

Raising money for charity!

The duck race takes place as a great fundraising event for charitable and local community causes. Previous charities to benefit, amongst others, are the NSPCC, St Rocco’s Hospice, Warrington MENCAP and Riding for the Disabled.

Highlights of Lymm Duck Race 2010

Where does the Lymm Duck Race take place?

Where will you find this event taking place? Well the ducks start their day up in the Dingle, but you will find attractions and refreshments in the centre of the Village by the Lower Dam from around 10.30 am in the morning. There is always a selection of stalls with local goods and refreshments for sale, and further entertainment is always available in the form of fairground rides for the children and games such as “Hook a Duck” and Easter Bonnet competitions. When lunchtime arrives, don’t worry, as there will be plenty of stalls providing more substantial snacks such as burgers, hog-roast and even dishes such as duck paella!

Where can I buy a ticket for a racing duck?

If you want to buy a ticket for a “racing duck” they can be purchased on the four Saturdays before the race from the Lymm & District Round Table at Lymm Cross, or you can buy them online. Each racing duck is £1 (with a small handling fee for online purchases). If you are a local business or wish to become a sponsor for the Duck Race Corporate Ducks and Super Ducks are available, and further details can be found on the Lymm Duck Race website.

Prizes, Prizes Prizes!

And don’t forget that you can win a prize on the day! First prize for the winning duck is £100, £50 for second place and £25 for third place - it's quackers!