Higher Lane Action Group News

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Changes to the Rectory Lane Church Road Junction Have Brought Benefits

The Higher Lane Action Group is delighted that WBC have confirmed another benefit of the changes to this junction. Traffic counts carried out last November showed that the number of vehicles exceeding the speed limit at the junction has fallen by about 16% compared with the year before.

The Group has been campaigning for the speed limits on the A56 to be observed. It was suggested two years ago that changes at this junction would calm traffic, make it easier to exit from Rectory Lane, provide a more accessible bus stop and provide a safer point to cross over to the church. The professionals in the Town Hall worked in close collaboration with the Action Group to produce a workable plan for change. The Parish Council was also very helpful in the process. Many people have commented on the benefits of the change and it is excellent news that the reduction in speeding has been quantified.

However the news is not all good. A bit to the west where the road has just been resurfaced the number of vehicles exceeding the limit has risen. At the bottom of the dip by the Dam 70-80% of vehicles exceed the limit by a significant amount. During the working day about 15 vehicles an hour whiz past in each direction at 40 mph or more.

South Warrington Police have been informed about the problem and are doing their best to catch offenders, many of whom live in Lymm. However the Action Group does not believe that police sanction is the complete answer. Dialogue in the community about the distress caused by inconsiderate drivers and effective traffic calming is likely to be more effective in the long run. To this end the Action Group will be asking the Parish Council to see whether further sensible traffic calming measures could not be introduced when the rest of the A56 in Lymm is resurfaced.

For further information please contact Chris Wakefield on 01925 752838.