God may have given Angels wings . . .

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

. . . but to humans he gave CHOCOLATE!!!

Since research shows that 14 out of 10 individuals enjoy pudding (joke!), the Lymm Ladies felt it was necessary to introduce a new club to our society. Look out peeps, because these ladies mean Bannoffee Business...

The issue arose amongst a group of the ladies involved in the Social Group at St Mary’s Church whilst nattering over Ginger Nuts and hoovering up some HobNobs. They deliciously decided to kindly take responsibility for the people of Lymm’s nutritional intake to ensure we consume a well balanced diet with all five essential food groups. And by these finger-licking five they mean... puddings, pies, cakes, chocolate and ice-cream.

Come Feast Your Pies . . .  Oops sorry Eyes

So, THE PUDDING CLUB was born! Jam-packed with chocolate cheer and layer upon layer of laughs, the Pudding Club is a community event that will be held 3-4 times a year at Lymm Village Hall to help raise funds for different projects. The pecan-pie plan is for each event to be Seasonally based, the first of which being the Spring theme that took place on Friday 4th March.

A Luscious Lineup

Kicking off with a sugar-sweet start, the edible evening was a massive hit! With a treacle tasting turn-out of 58 people, some from as far afield as Bury and Oldham, the friendly fruitcakes had a butter-cream blast of an evening with smiles all round. Amongst the flavoursome five puddings on the Spring theme menu was a scrumptious Sticky Toffee pudding, an inviting Vanilla Pannacotta (with raspberry coulis), a ravishingly rich chocolate bread and butter pudding, a lip-smacking lemon and lime cheesecake, and finally a seasonally succulent rhubarb and ginger pudding. All the mind bogglingly mouth-watering dishes were served with a choice of either double cream or local Dunham Massey ice-cream.

The Icing on the Cake

As part of the chocolate fudge fun, the 58 dessert demolishers were asked to score the puddings on a scale of 1-5 and make suggestions for future indulgent ideas. And we are plum puddingly proud to announce the winner of The Pudding Club’s first ever event goes to... Sticky Toffee Pudding! Budding pudding youngsters Francis (age 11) and Colette (age 9) described the fit-for-a-king feast as “absolutely de-li-cious” and the winning dish will be included on next season's scrumptious menu.

A Taste Bud Teasing Thank you!

A heavenly HUUUUGE sugar-coated thank you goes out all those luscious ladies of the Pudding Club who made, presented and succulently served all the heart-pounding puddings and to all the helpers who set up the tremendously tasty scene. And finally a special thank you goes to Yvonne Cook, Clark of the Parish Council. Thanks to all her efforts in organising grants from The Big Lottery Fund it has been made possible to provide the Village Hall with a swanky new kitchen which was deliciously designed and installed by Kitchens & Bedrooms by Ben Ellaby.

Get Involved in the Gooey Chocolate Gathering

Fear not all you fig roll fanatics that missed out on the tantalising tasting session, as The Pudding Club will be making a custard cream comeback with their Summer Event. The exact date has not been set yet but if you would like to become involved in The Pudding Club please contact Jo Young (01925 759919), Vanessa Lees (01925 757471) or Sue Walton. And remember guys, if you leave with melted chocolate on your hands then you’re eating too slowly...