Geoffrey Key Art Exhibition at Collect Art

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

And the exclusive launch of his new book

Friday 3rd December

Widely considered as one of the most important artists working in Britain, Geoffrey Key is a fantastic artist from the North West whose work is always very well received. Described as an excellent draughtsman and a brilliant colourist, Collect Art is very pleased to be exhibiting the fabulous work of an artist with such an inexhaustible imagination. So don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to view Key’s work, along with the exclusive launch of his new limited series book ‘Birds’, at Collect Art on Friday 3rd December.

A busy year

A continuation of a highly successful career that has spanned 50+ years so far, 2010 has been another busy year for Key. He has been working on many drawings and paints, all of which have been very well received.


Key has produced a range of subjects throughout the year, especially landscapes and figures; however the most prominent of these themes has been birds. He says he has always used the bird image as a motif in a range of classical settings. Previously, we have seen Key use birds with figures and sculpture or in gardens and natural landscapes, however in this series the birds have been more of a central part of the piece.

Childhood Memories

Having always been keen on birdlife, Key is inspired by the adaptability of birds and how they share our existence almost everywhere. His interest in birds has stemmed from a child where he was lucky to live near a large park in Manchester which was full of birdlife. Throughout his childhood he put together sketchbooks in which he did drawings, paintings and descriptions of the waterfowl at the park. Key was also lucky enough to be introduced to Sir Peter Scott back in those early days, who had been filming a documentary about birds and their migration in the park by where he lived. This was an inspiring part of Key’s childhood which he talks about in his recent book ‘Birds’.

The launch of the book

Key’s recent book ‘Birds’ will be being exhibited along with his collection of drawings and paintings in this 2010 series. By producing the book to go with the series, Key feels he is able to show his birds in many different aspects. When talking about the collection, Key said, “The works are there for people to interpret as they wish and most importantly to enjoy. A valid aim of good art can be about celebrating beauty and happiness in even the smallest things. As with anything of true value and quality, I like to think the hard work is there, hidden in the background, with the results evident for the viewer to gain a positive, even joyful, experience.”

So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to experience the work of a truly skilled artist, as he reveals his joy in creating images that bridge the gap between dream and reality. Starting at 7.00pm, on Friday 3rd December at Collect Art.