Festivals and Events

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Festivals and Events

A conventional village which values its traditions

The Festivals of Lymm are what gives our village its character and individuality. With a wonderful mixture of events, flooding the village with music, dance and celebration, there's a real sense of community on these occasions which are enjoyed by everyone. Featured all year round, there's a variety to choose from so you're sure to find one which suits you're fancy, if not all!

Lymm festival

Lymm Festival features every summer lasting for about 10 days. The festival hosts a wide range of events during this time celebrating various aspects of our village. Music of all kinds can be enjoyed including an orchestra and chorus concert, young instrumentalist performances at St Peters Church, the Festivals Blues Night, a piece by Lymm Folk and Acoustic Club, several choir performances and a concert conducted by Lymm High School which features the schools Brass Band and Strings Group.

Lymm Festival is from 24/06/2010 to 04/07/2010.

View the programme for Lymm Festival.

Music and dance

Following the theme of music, the festival also holds several dance and performing arts related events. The Latino Dance Night incorporates an evening of Salsa dancing and Argentinean Tango at Morris Men. A favourite of the festival though has to be the Festival Dance Night where local dance students from Lymm High School, Ambitions Dance School and other local choreographers have the chance to show their talents in a vibrant and exciting show featuring all kinds of dance. Furthermore, a Comedy Night at one of the local pubs and an evening of Riddles at Ramshackle's Rest cater for all those comedians out there.

Arts and crafts

With some seriously talented artists and photographers in Lymm village, the celebration of their work is a massive part of the festival. With an assortment of Art and Craft exhibitions there's a rich variety of work to be viewed and some purchased. Ranging from textiles, crafts and mixed media pieces, to paintings with oils, watercolours, acrylics and etchings there's a huge collection of traditional and contemporary pieces to be found. Another very popular event of the festival is that of Art in the Garden. Why not take a stroll through an acre of canal-side gardens whilst observing some truly beautiful professional pieces plus some of the work of our young enthusiastic and talented amateurs. With many items on sale and a tea room featuring a selection of homemade cakes and coffees it's the perfect way to spend a summer's afternoon. The festival also features a photography competition called L'image with prizes to be won.

Gardens and trails

A History and Heritage Trail is conducted during the festival where you can find out more about the village and its tales of the past. The Open Gardens is another popular event which features a selection of beautiful and inspirational private gardens around Lymm which are generously made available for the public to view and enjoy. The Scarecrow Trail is a delightful and surprising event of the festival for all those enthusiastic scarecrow makers and scarecrow spotters out there. With a theme of dress, such as characters from fictional books, scarecrows can be spotted all around gracing the gardens of Lymm.

Picnics and the food fest

Why not enjoy a picnic with friends whilst enjoying some truly great live music at the Festival Picnic at Cotebrook House. From gazebos to picnic blankets, everyone's welcome to bring their own gear and grub and enjoy a relaxing evening of fun, music and dancing. If food's your thing then you can be sure to enjoy the Street Fun and Food Fest held in the village centre. The village is filled with a carnival atmoshphere as everyone enjoys the selection of great performances and multitudes of tastes to be had from the food stalls. Will all types of cuisine on offer from the local restaurants, cafes and bakeries there's plenty to satisfy your taste buds!

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