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By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

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Attractions and Theme Parks

Thorpe Park

For those adrenaline junkies out there, Thorpe Park is the ideal destination. Allow yourself to be propelled from 0 to 80mph in less than 2 seconds, fall a jaw-dropping height of 205 feet, plunge into the flaming heat of a volcano at an immense G-Force of 4.5 or ride the world's first ten-looping rollercoaster. With the new launch of 'SAW', the first ever horror movie themed rollercoaster, Thorpe Park has everything you need to test your nerves! Not for the faint hearted...let the fun begin!

Apple Jacks Farm

Hosting a selection of events, Apple Jacks Farm has something to entertain all year round whether it's for a family day out or night out! They offer farm activities for the kids where they can learn about growing healthy harvest, some maniacal hayrides and a variety of seasonally themed events. Not to mention loads of other exciting stuff including the Jumping Pillow, pedal kart racing, mazes, pig racing, corn cannons and archery! 'The Battle for Treasure Island' featuring from May through to September is a woodland adventure like the crazy maze. From July to September the centre is packed with people scrambling thorugh 'The Amazing Maize Maze'. This 5 acre cornfield maze is biggest puzzle in the UK. In September the maze is renamed 'The Moonlight Maze' and open in the evenings to make the adventure all the more fun. The seasonally themed 'Spooky World' featured between October through to November sees a haunted house, haunted hayride, a trip though the Field of Screams, pumpkin carving ghost stories and much more. Finally the festive fun continues with Apple Jack's 'Winter World'. Expect to find a skating rink, cross country skiing and Santa's Grotto. It's an odd mixture but The Apple Jack's Farm always makes for an interesting and slightly different day (or night) out for the whole family.

Laser Q Warrington

One of the most popular indoor activities available, Laser Quest is a world-famous, heart pounding game providing excitement for everyone. With the capacity for up to 30 players per 20min game, which runs every half hour, Laser Q Warrington is a safe and fun game for large numbers to enjoy. Very competitive and adrenaline pumping, its a great way to de-stress and show off your target skills! Furthermore, there's a large reception area and cafe upstairs offering hot and cold beverages and snacks to refuel on between games.

Laser Quest and The Rock, Trafford Centre

Opened in 2003, the Laser Quest centre at the Trafford centre is the most advanced in the world. Suitable for all ages, this adrenaline pumping adventure is the ultimate sci-fi experience. Stalk your opponents and test your target skills in the battle zone of the 21st century. With a multi-level labyrinth, swirling fog, music and lights it creates the whole atmosphere of a sci-fi war. There are four games to choose from, each specially designed, and with each game lasting between 20-25 minutes with up to 30 players, there's hours of competitive fun to be had. Another challenge to tackle is The Rock. An ever-moving climbing wall standing at about 3.5 meters tall means you are never far from the padded ground. With a massive choice of 20 different game options there's something to cater to every ability and age. Why not take on the simulating climb of Everest! With a tilting action mechanism, you may find yourself climbing upside down and the ever-moving rock means you are racing against time. An adrenaline pumping, heart racing activity not to be missed!