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By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

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Imperial war museum north

Located along the waterfront close to Manchester City Centre, the Imperial War Museum North is an award winning display of dynamic and interactive features. Through projected images, sounds, smells and creatures you are right in the centre of a replica war scene experience. With interactive facilities such as The Big Picture and the family Action Stations around the galleries, there's so much to see and do whilst learning about life in the trenches in the First World War for both people and animals. Suitable for visitors of all ages, get involved in the workshops, tours and exciting activities, and enjoy an inspiring and fascinating family day out.


With 5 floors of ever changing exhibitions, there's always something new to explore at the Urbis exhibition centre in Manchester. Located in the first public park created in Manchester in over 200 years, the Urbis Centre is situated in Cathedral Gardens. Centre to the city life, this place offers a unique insight into the art and culture of the modern city. With innovative explorations of design, architecture, urban landscape and some amazing displays of graffiti and music it's a fascinating way to experience the urban environment. There's plenty for the younger ones too with art sessions allowing them to learn the basic principles of visual art through drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. There's baking fun with the Urbis chefs where they can decorate fairy cakes, create some super smoothies or cook up their own creation! Summer holidays provide the ideal opportunity to get the kids playing outdoors at the centre. With themed outdoor activities, plant pot decorating, colourful bug making and camping tips there's loads for them to get involved with.

Huntsfun treasure hunt

A great fun way to discover the city, the Huntsfun Treasure Hunt is suitable for kids and adults alike. All the hunts are pre written and no knowledge of the area is required for you to take part. Choose to download a hunt, or have one sent to you via post, which ever suits you. Great fun for everyone, all the cues are solved by observation along the way and a map is provided in case you get lost! The Group versions of the hunts are perfect for kids parties and you can request to have them personalised which is great fun for the kids when they see their name in print. It makes a fun keepsake for the exciting day out too!

Jodrell bank visitor centre

Located at The University of Manchester, the Jodrell Bank Visitor Centre is home to some spectacular sights. Ever wanted to visit the world famous Lovell Radio Telescope? The giant telescope has been a familiar feature of the Cheshire landscape for over 50 years and is an international renowned landmark in the world of astronomy. Other features of the centre for Astrophysics include a 3D Theatre where you can journey onboard the spacecraft 'Elysium 7' and experience the amazing flight to Mars over Martian volcanoes and canyons. Find out about the sun and stars through the 3D colour movie and see what happens when stars end their lives. Once you've returned back to Earth, why not explore the Jodrell Bank nature experience. The 35 acre Arboretum is home to over 2000 species of trees and shrubs, and has plenty of trails and natural habitats to explore. With natural collections of Malus and Sorbus, a variety of wildlife, a 'Tree Planet' exhibition and artist sessions in the Environment Studio it will really open your eyes to the environment. Other features include an exhibition of what's visible in the sky this month and regular special events.

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