Cross Factor Contestants Perform at the May Queen

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

A great entertainment line up

It was a superb evening in The Venue last night. The May Queen organisers asked all of the finalists from the Lymm Cross Factor to perform at The May Queen tomorrow. The winner will be decided by the audience.

The Contestants

They are:-

  • Megan Bishop, 12 years; Lymm High
  • Robyn Bishop, 14 years; Lymm High
  • Chantelle Croxford, 14 years; Lymm High
  • Helen Barker, 14 years; Bridgwater High
  • Charlotte Shepherd, 15 years from St Helens


Contestant are all pupils of Helen Monks and her singing school.

View a few clips taken from the Venue