Crime Rate Falls

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

A message from Gary McIntyre from Warrington South Police

We have continued to Police the South area robustly this month and have continued the excellent performance. I have always believed that with the style of Community Policing we have employed over the past 8 months we could reduce crime below 200. Last month we came close with 209 crimes reported and it is very pleasing to report to you that we have reduced crime again this month to 195 and our target was 259 a reduction of 64 crimes. We have detected 69 of those crimes which is 35.4%.

To break this down further for you Violent crime is reduced by 13.4% and we have detected 71.4% of those crimes. Burglary is down by 19% and vehicle crime is down by 50%. Criminal Damage is down by 18.3% and once again we have reduced Anti Social behaviour in our area by 9% this month. This is particularly pleasing as the community tell us that Anti Social behaviour is what causes a lot of the issues in our area. This is the 4th month we have reduced ASB and it is once again because we listen to what you tell us and take the right action.

Challenge ahead

The challenge for us is to now maintain this level of reduction and I could do with some more snow to help us. Crime rates increase as quickly as they come down so I am looking to keep my staff out on the streets working with the community.

We are continuing to drill down into the community issues and set monthly ward priorities. You will soon see that the Cheshire Police website will change and there will be a lot of information on it for the community to get updates about what we are doing and why. It will include all our meetings and how we set our priorities for each ward. We currently take information from the community via questionnaires, meetings, forums, surgeries and compare our crime information and intelligence and set the priorities to target any issues.

This process is working very well as you can see with the above performance however I want to see more of the community and I have decided that I will be holding monthly Policing Pledge meetings in and around the areas. This will be to set your priorities and report back to you what we have done so far. The meeting will be Police only and will really focus on you as a community. I have put the Policing Pledge below so you can see what we as a service should be delivering. I will be at the meeting with some of your team. We will tell you what we are doing and why and I want you to tell me if that is what you want.

The first meeting will be held at:

Lymm Community Centre 1 Bridgewater Street, Lymm. WA13 0AB.

On Tuesday the 16th of February 2010 at 7pm.

This meeting is for residents of Lymm / Grappenhall and Thellwall wards.

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