James Ashington 2011

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James Ashington

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Local champion James Ashington will be standing for Lymm Ward in the 2011 Local Elections taking place on May 5th. He has 15 years’ experience as a Lymm Parish Councillor (Chairman of Lymm Parish Council 3 times). He was a Governor at Lymm High School, and Cherry Tree Primary School.

He was a key figure in obtaining Heritage Lottery Funding to improve Lymm’s green spaces, and start the Lymm Festival, which he led for the first two years.

In May, 2010 he stood for Parliament for Warrington South. A qualified teacher, he works part-time teaching Numeracy in a number of Warrington Schools. He ran his own Financial Services business for 30 years. He is a graduate of Nottingham University.

UKIP – A Positive Vision for Lymm

James will Fight the Reduction in Services

Do you wish to experience further cuts in services? Only UKIP has the policies to get us back running our services for our own benefit. Our intention is to provide local referenda on key issues, which will help you to tell Warrington Borough Council what is really important to you and your family. I will push for more affordable homes/social housing, to assist those wishing to have a home of their own.

Mending our pothole pitted roads is very important so that people do not suffer the expense of costly repairs, nor have accidents.

I will press for Warrington General Hospital to abolish car parking charges (a tax on sickness). These are not imposed in Wales nor Scotland, and in certain English hospitals.

Reduce Warrington Borough Councillors

The Coalition leading Warrington Borough Council is determined to impose cuts on our services. One cut they do not contemplate is a cut in their own numbers.


I will be suggesting, if elected, that Warrington Borough Council set up a review, to see how quickly this can be implemented.

The “Executive Group” is running the Council and consists of ten or so Councillors. What do the others do or contribute, to justify drawing their allowances?

By cutting the number of Councillors Warrington Borough Council could save millions of pounds each year, which can be put towards saving services that are under threat in Lymm and the surrounding areas.

From Libraries to Sure Start centres, the saving of vital services will benefit everyone.

Want to make a difference?

Come and join us. Help us to make a difference in Lymm, TO Lymm. We are a classless, non-racial Political Party.

The Coalition Government at Westminster is sending £48 million pounds A DAY to the EU. They won’t tell us what it is spent on, as the books haven’t been audited for 16 years!

Every DAY the people of Warrington South, for example, see £76,800 of their money, sent to the EU, by the Government. This is more than £28million, a year, every year. Also the Coalition Government pays Aid to China and India, rather than spend it on our own people.

Contact Details

  • Phone: 07950 036682
  • Email: Email James
  • Twitter: @UKIPNorthWest
  • Website: UKIP website

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