David Mowat

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David Mowat

Conservative Candidate for Warrington South

After studying engineering at Imperial College David joined Accenture, the Technology and Consulting Firm. David became a Managing Partner in 2002 and with colleagues grew the business to 15,000 staff living and working in all parts of the UK. Since 2007 David has been a director of Warrington Town Football Club and Chairman of Fairbridge, a Salford based charity concerned with improving the life chances of deprived children in Greater Manchester.

He is married to Nicky, a primary school teacher, and they have 4 children. David and his family have lived in Cheshire for the last 20 years and now live in Walton.

A message from David Mowat to residents of Lymm

To the Residents of Lymm,

Over the last three years I have been campaigning hard in Lymm.

During 2007 I led the campaign in the village against Labour's closure of the post office at Booth's Hill. In total we collected over 1000 signatures from Lymm residents but the closure was confirmed after what the Government's 'sham consultation'.

More recently I opened a Jobs Club, which serves the whole of Warrington and surrounding area. The aim of the club is to enable unemployed residents to meet and receive coaching on the best techniques to get back into work. So far about 130 residents have attended the courses we run with over 60% getting back into work or full time training. I am very proud of the contribution our club makes to the town and am delighted to have strengthened our links with the Job Centre, which has led to so many new members. We are still recruiting. The club is open to all and is entirely non-political.

In October lat year we published our health survey, which covered the health priorities of over 3000 Warrington residents. The survey was filled out by 457 Lymm residents and helped us identify the real problem, which exists in the village in respect of NHS dentistry. We have followed up with the PCT and hope to be able to report that further services will be commissioned soon.

In October last year, I attended the public meeting in respect of the campaign to ensure that the community centre remains open and has a viable future. At the public meeting I asked Councilor Marks to confirm that the club would remain open, or a similar facility would be provided. We are still waiting for a response.

More recently I attended a meeting of Higher Lane residents who are sick to death of speeding cars in the village. All the want is for the existing 30mph limit to be enforced and they have made a number of cost effective and reasonable proposals.

And finally over the last 3 years I have performed many advice surgeries with Lymm residents. These have often meant I could provide real help as in the case of Trevor and Hilda Forster who have been re-housed in Lymm after we assisted them make their case.

I have worked hard for the village over the last 3 years. I hope that, with your support, I can do more over the years to come.

Best Wishes


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