June Gittins

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

June P Gittins

I believe in a community that truly cares for all generations and is inclusive not exclusive

June is part of a family who have resided in Lymm for generations and is employed as a Manager at Elastomer Engineering where she has worked for 32 years. June is involved in raising funds that are used to benefit the youth, the elderly and those in need and has helped to raise substantial amounts of money over the past 35 years. June also holds the Rotary Cyril Bell Vocational Award for Services to the Community.

She has served on many committees in Lymm – including; Cotebrook, Festivities Group, Lymm May Queen Festival and Lymm Youth Club - the latter of which she has rejoined to help preserve this facility for the benefit of our youth and community. June is an active member of Lymm Lions Club and has been for the past 19 years. She was elected to Lymm Parish Council in 1999.

June believes that sports and community facilities are vitally important to our village and is a member of Lymm Sports Forum which encourages sporting organisations to work in co-operation with each other. She has been a support leader with Bendrigg Trust in the Lake District for over 10 years, where she helps young adults with special needs to enjoy sports & orienteering courses and now finally has established a link with Lymm.

“Our village is picturesque, full of character and a centre for tourism that needs to be maintained and appreciated so that our businesses can thrive and not become another through route for HGV’s – which is often the case in many other villages. I think Lymm is unique in that there is cohesion between modern living and building features of the past. I believe in a community that truly cares for all generations and is inclusive not exclusive”.


  • Email: junepgittins@talktalk.net
  • Telephone: 01925 753862
  • Responsibilities:
  • Plans Sub-Committee
  • Village Hall Sub-Committee
  • Allotment Gardens Sub Committee

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