Auction for Africa!

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Afritwin project with Lymm High School

How useful is a dictionary? For most of us, probably something we pick up occasionally. For students at Qhasana High in Mdantsane Township, South Africa, it holds the key to exam success! For the past seven years, Lymm High School has been involved with the Afritwin project. Afritwin links UK schools on a triangle basis with schools in South Africa. One is a well-resourced school (The Glen, Pretoria) and the other a school in a developing area – Qhasana High. The objective of the link is to share learning and experiences between schools and countries and, to this end, a group of students and staff are travelling to South Africa in summer. Education is not free at Qhasana and resources are very limited. For the past months, the students have been raising funds to bring dictionaries to the school – very much needed as exams are in English which is not the students’ first language!

Auction of Promises

To this end, an Auction of Promises will be held at Lymm High on Friday, 16th April from 7 p.m. and any support will be very gratefully received – more information and tickets are available from Jeff Lewtas.

The attached photo shows Declan Lyons and Mollie Lewtas with some of the items to be auctioned.