An Appetising Menu

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Following on from our Valentines Competition

A la Carte

So Colin’s busy,
reciting the Kings Speech,
Dicaprio’s engaged,
probably on some beach.
Beckham’s got training
and ball skills to learn,
Clooney’s in some casino,
with dollar to earn.
Brad’s in Mexico,
searching for some Gun,
Orlando’s chasing pirates,
who knows when he’ll be done?!
Enrique’s got a concert,
then music to record,
Russell’s fighting Gladiators,
then sharpening his sword.
Will’s got something happy,
that he needs to pursue,
Gerard can’t either,
but pretty sure he still loves you.
Daniel’s got a mission
which he’s chose to accept,
Leaving Cruise who’s mixing cocktails,
then flying his jet.

All these hotties,
and none of them free?!
This just won’t do,
not for our gorgeous Beverley!
So the search is out,
who will be Bev’s date?
A candle lit dinner,
isn’t quite the same with a mate...
Tall, dark & handsome,
own teeth and hair too,
You don’t even need your wallet,
she’s got vouchers for two!
So if you’re up for some Tapas,
and are fit for our girl,
Please enquire within,
we might give you a whirl!

Picture below shows Laura and Bev