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Altrincham maintains its historic ambience as a market town whilst at the same time it embraces innovation

Energetic Altrincham with a population of 41,000 (2001 census) is the largest town in the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford (Greater Manchester). Established as a market town in 1290 the name Altrincham comes from an old English meaning the homestead of Aldhere's people. The enhancement of Altrincham's Charter Market and surrounding areas means that Altrincham maintains its historic ambience whilst at the same time it embraces innovation in new land mark buildings and attractions. The town is home to an award winning multi-screen cinema and a new temporary ice rink open to the public as well as Manchester Phoenix Ice hockey team. Altrincham is well known for a wide variety of high quality specialist and contemporary high street retailers. With a great shopping scene, a friendly atmosphere, wide range of food and drink outlets, excellent leisure and sports facilities, Altrincham has it all.

To top it off the town has a great catchment area within Cheshire. Altrincham offers excellent accessibility, situated on the A56, a main arterial route out of The centre of Manchester and the national motorway network is just one mile away. The centre of Manchester is approximately 8 miles away. With the great transport networks such as the integrated railway network, the bus interchange you have access to a population of 1.3 million within 15 minutes travel time.


Altrincham is a settlement just off the Roman road from Chester to Manchester in an area that had 17th Century Anglo-Saxons settlers from the south. Existing Britons(Celts) probably integrated with the newcomers. Later there were ninth-century Norse (Norwegian/Swedish) settlers from the Isle of Man and Ireland to the west and tenth-century Danes from the east.

The name Altrincham is Old English meaning 'the homestead of Aldhere's people' from inga a group of people and ham a homestead, village or estate. It more than likely has seventh century origins from the early form of the name. It has been spelled about 15 different ways since AD1290, including Aldheringaham. The name of the town was spelt Altringham up to about 1800 at which time the 'c' spelling began to be adopted and both spellings were used until the 1930s. It was pronounced Awtrigem or Awtringeam in the nineteenth century and currently the 'c' in Altrincham is pronounced as a 'g' and outsiders often spell it as such. See more details on history of Altrincham.


Altrincham today is a thriving commuter town, partly because of its transport links-particularly the Metrolink. There are numerous shops, both local and national chain stores providing an excellent range of products for the resident and visitor. With a great array of leisure, sports clubs and associations, such as golf courses, country homes open to the public, even an ice rink the town has adapted to satisfy the most demanding of residents.

Things to do

Altrincham has something on which it can be recommend for all, ranging from a local golf course to theatres and galleries. Altrincham Golf club offers both recreation and competitive golf on a large scale. On Oakfield road there is a leisure centre with squash, badminton, a sports hall and a pool. If you like your football there is a football club on Moss Lane who currently play in the Conference National League. Altrincham Kersal RFC benefits from one of the strongest Mini and Junior sections in the North West of England with over 300 playing members. Timperley Cricket, Hockey and Lacrosse clubs form Timperley Sports Club which was voted Sports Club of the Year at the 2006 Greater Manchester Sports Awards. Manchester Phoenix ice hockey club play at "Silver Blades" ice rink in Altrincham. There is a speed skating club, an ice hockey club, and recreational skating.

If you feeling less active perhaps you may fancy catching a show at one of Altrincham's two theatres, the Altrincham Garrick Playhouse and the Club Theatre. On the outskirts of Altrincham sits the 18th-century Dunham Massey Hall and its 250-acre deer park.

Only a short distance away is a "mega bowl" and cfinema complex at Salford quays

Cultural arts and entertainment

Altrincham boasts a very rich and diverse artistic and cultural life. With its mix of classic art galleries, museums, theatres and sports venues, Altrincham has a lot to offer those seeking a taste of great british culture. More details are available on Culture, Arts, Entertainment and Sports in Altrincham.

Final thoughts

Lying within Greater Manchester but historically a part of Cheshire, Altrincham has all the charm of a typical North-West town. Traditional Altrincham old market place is thought to have been the original site of the historic Saxon settlement and remains the focal point of the town, where a thriving market trade remains today.

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