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Lymm Statistics

Statistics relating to the Cheshire village of Lymm

The below information was gathered from the central postcode in Lymm which is WA13 0JS. It reflects the social and economic situation of someone who lives in Lymm.


Often, many of the people who live in this sort of postcode will be older people living in flats.These are known as type 36 in the ACORN classification and 2.13% of the UK's population live in this type. Neighbourhoods fitting this profile are found in seaside towns such as: Torbay and Worthing, in the Isles of Scilly, the Isle of Wight, aswell as: in the Cotswolds, Argyll and Bute, Harrogate and Bexley in Outer London.

There are fewer children than the national average and more people over 65. One third of households are pensioners in this type. Single pensioner households are very common, with retired couples also present in high numbers.

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Housing is mixed. However there is a higher proportion of low-rise, purpose built and converted flats than the national average. Many are privately rented, but some are owned outright. Holiday homes are also common.

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Education and economic position

Educational qualifications tend to be slightly higher than the national average, especially at degree level.

The working population in these areas tends to be in lower and senior managerial and professional occupations.

There is reasonable levels of car ownership, including company cars, but there are fewer households with more than one car.

Income levels are broadly in line with the national average, with holdings of investment products (ISAs, unit trusts and stocks and shares) slightly above average. People are generally comfortably off without having large amounts of spare cash

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Leisure interests include fine art and antiques, self-improvement and education, reading and walking. Membership of the National Trust is common. The Daily Express, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph are likely to be the most popular newspapers


Cheshire Constabulary is responsible for policing in your local authority.

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Location overview

Family income: Medium
Interest in current affairs: Medium
Housing - with mortgage: Medium
Educated - to degree level: Medium
Couples with children: Low
Have satellite TV: Low

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