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Lymm Dam

Activities around Lymm Dam

Angling in Lymm Dam

Lymm Dam is considered some of the best angling in the North West is very popular with anglers for many reasons; it caters for all abilities, and there is great diversity and quality of fish, as well as great staging. The water management team are also out every Saturday maintaining all the water so that everyone can enjoy the sport. Depths of the water range from inches at the edges to 10 feet in places from which, with skill, you will experience superb angling. Species you could catch here are: large Carp, big Pike, Wells Catfish, Eels, good Perch, Roach, Rudd, Chub, Tench, and lots of big Bream into double figures. Over 25lb Pike are often caught, for these larger pike you should try the Dam Wall and the church shallows.

Lymm Dam is now available for fishing all year round. Angling rights to Longbarn Pool and Lymm Dam are now held by Bay Malton Angling Club. For relevant fees please have a look on Bay Malton Angling Club website. Non members can fish this water with tickets available on the bank. There is a two rod only rule with the second rod costing £2.50. Please follow the below rules when angling.

Rules and regulations

  • Do not use barbed hooks or braided line
  • Spinning and lures are permitted
  • No night fishing
  • No live baits or course fish to be used as bait
  • No keep nets allowed except in matches
  • Please treat walkers and cyclists with courtesy and leave footpaths clear
  • Please take great care when casting. Discarded fishing line caught in trees and undergrowth around the water's edge can cause enormous problems for wildfowl
  • Please put any line you see left around your peg in the litter bins

Cyclists or those on foot

As Lymm Dam is a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (or SINC) cyclists are encouraged to keep to the paths and meadow areas to prevent erosion and damage to plant life. The dam needs to be treated with care and respect in order to maintain its ecological value. Cyclists are encouraged to wear a helmet, and to give right of way to walkers ensuring they have adequate warning of your approach. Be extra careful when approaching bends and path junctions.

The Environment Agency has also recently provided a £24,000 grant to resurface the western bank's footpath to make life easier for walkers. Clr Alan Litton, executive board member for environment services, said: 'The works that have taken place at Lymm Dam have made it easier and safer for visitors to enjoy the tranquil surroundings'.

Dog walkers

If you're walking you dog please ensure the animal is under control at all times. Please don't allow your dog to swim in the lake as this disturbs wildlife and submerged debris can injure your animal. Also please clean up dog fowl and use the dog bins provided. Free poop scoops are available from the Rangers at their base on the Trans Pennine Trail in Statham.

Horse riders

For those on horseback please keep to the permitted bridleway along the eastern edge of the site.

Wanting to venture further afield?

If you feel like a bike ride, or a leisurely walk it can make for a great day out. From Lymm Dam an extensive network of countryside footpaths can be accessed. Field systems, country roads, the Bridgewater Canal and both the Trans Pennine Trail and Mersey Valley Timberland Trail can all be used. Have fun and please ensure not to disturb wildlife and take your rubbish home.

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