Lymm Churches

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Churches of Lymm

An insight into the history of the churches in our village

Lymm Methodist

Members of Lymm Methodist Church can be dated back to 1802 where they use to hold 'Cottage Meetings'. However it was not until January of 1850 that the Chapel was opened. The existing Church building was constructed in 1898 close to the site of the earlier Church which was then joined by the New Road congregation in 1969. Sunday School was introduced at the Church in November 1824 with a school room later being built in 1868. The school room was then moved into the old church in 1898. It remained there until 1975 when a new school room was constructed.

Lymm Baptist

Lymm Baptist Church was originally founded in 1750 approximately 4 miles away from Lymm in Millington. The land was purchased in 1754 and the Chapel itself was built in 1759, however it has been said that a group of Baptists in the area had been worshipping there somewhat 12 years earlier.

Amongst the founders of the Church were the Ridgeway family who owned a considerable tea business called The House of Ridgeway Tea Merchants. In 1848 Thomas Ridgeway gave the land at Lymm for the Church to be built with the intentions of moving the Church to a more popular and well located area. The Chapel first opened in September 1850 in the location where Lymm Baptist Church stands today, with Rev Issac Ridgeway as the first pastor, who was also Thomas' brother.

Sunday school was introduced in January 1851 with a total of 15 children. By October of the same year this figure had risen to 133. The following year the Church was extended to cater for its growing numbers.

The numbers attending the Church continued to grow so much in the 1970's and 1980's that the limitations of the Church became a cause of concern. It was therefore decided in 1987 that the Church was to undergo a massive project to cater for the growing numbers. Work on the building began in 1992 and the opening ceremony was held on 6th February 1993.

Since then the Church has been subjected to various refurbishment projects enabling it to fulfil the positions of a Worshipping Centre, an Open Centre and a Caring Centre. Membership at the Church has continued to grow allowing the vision of Lymm Baptist Church to be a church with relevance to our growing and changing community.

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