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Lymm Cheshire Village

A place of running water

Lymm of Celtic origins set in the heart of Cheshire in the North West of England literally means as a "place of running water". This probably stems from the fact that a stream runs through the village centre, although the name is even more apt today because the Bridgewater Canal also passes through, which is an easy detour from the Trans Pennine Trail. The charming village is home (or has been home) to numerous famous celebrities and was once mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 where the name appears as "Lime". The village, which has great transport links, is located about 24 Km south west of Manchester, 8 Km from Warrington and 49 Km from Liverpool. It has the atmosphere of a small town, boasting a population of over 12000. Lymm has a Twin Town; Meung-sur-Loire, in central France.

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Magical place for a day out

If you fancy a walk in the country, Lymm is an ideal place to visit. Lymm Dam is an area of great magnificence and serenity. Its woodlands and meadows are teeming with wildlife and the site's history gives it a unique character. There is a great view of the Church St Mary The Virgin which dates to 1850-2, with the tower built in 1888-9. There's usually a refreshment trailer by the dam itself where the kids can get an ice cream in the summer. Whether you enjoy horse riding, angling, bird watching, walking, or just relaxing in beautiful surroundings, Lymm Dam makes a magical place for a day out.

If you cross the A56 from the path onto the western side of Lymm Dam, you will come to a flight of steps leading into the Dingle. This is an area of woodland, where a stream flows connecting the Main Dam and Lower Dam. A footpath runs alongside the stream into the village centre. The lower dam is a great place to watch the ducks taking delight in the flowers. There is also an annual duck race. The water runs over the Lower Dam and under the road into the mill race behind the shops on Bridgewater Street. It then runs through Slitten Gorge and eventually into the Manchester Ship Canal.

Relax and watch the world go by

When you come to the village you could sit on the sandstone Lymm Cross to watch the world go by. The Cross is a unique historical feature which dates back from the 17th Century, but there could have been a cross on this site from Saxon or even Roman times, certainly since the 14th Century. The present cross represents Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Take a look at more information on the history in Lymm.

For active types

Perhaps if you're feeling a little more active you could get involved with an abundance of Sports clubs and Clubs. So whether you enjoy golf, rugby, tennis, gardening, taking photographs, going out for day trips or bird watching (to name a few), Lymm is undoubtedly a place to keep you occupied. There are many shops, local pubs and restaurants catering for all tastes. Numerous festivals also occur each year, such as the May Queen and Rush Bearing. Carol Singing on Christmas Eve is a delightful occasion. If you visit Lymm frequently there is also a free car park.

Final thoughts

Lymm possesses great natural beauty and has many attractive historical features. Some writers claim that its features are unique and certainly the name of Lymm itself appears to be without question, unique.

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