A Very Close Shave

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

Congratulations to Sarah Impey who bravely had her head shaved to raise money for Sport Relief and Lymm Rovers FC

As a follow up from this post, Lymm Rovers Junior Football Club hosted their 26th Annual Parents and Sportsmans Dinner at Statham Lodge on Friday 19th March. The players and parents enjoyed an evening of dining and entertainment including ex-Liverpool player Jan Molby as a guest speaker and a comedian act by Max Pressure. As the evening was Sport Relief , the club’s U12 Sharks Squad Manager Sarah Impey, had decided to bravely take up a hair-raising challenge! Sarah had agreed to have her head shaved by Sweeney Todd’shairdresser Jackie, in order to raise money for Sport Relief and Lymm Rovers Junior FC. The chop fantastically raised over £900 and certainly created a lot of excitement at the event. Well done Sarah!

View more videos of the head shave.