A Charming Chime Tale

By Matthew 20/10/2017 23:03:07

St Mary’s Church Clock

Some of you may have noticed that during the Summer of 2010, a somewhat enchanting charm of Lymm’s charismatic presence had disappeared from the atmosphere? You may have even suddenly found yourself unaware of what time of day it was?! But what was the cause of all this confusion? Those beautiful bells, captivating chimes, and delightful dongs of St Mary’s Church clock had suddenly stopped!

Councillor Cook to the Rescue

Yvonne Cook from Lymm Parish Council kindly took the dilemma in to her hands and set out on her quest to bring back the ding and get the clock to sing!

Mission to Find the Motor

A clock maker from Smith of Derby Ltd. visited the Church in August 2010 and discovered that the auto wind unit of the clock was not re-winding and that the drive motor was in need of replacement. However, the type of motor was not commonly available! So Smith of Derby Ltd. were faced with a mission to source a replacement...

After searching the land high and far for the super special motor, a part was finally found. Hurray! And the clock was repaired in November 2010 which Lymm Parish Council very kindly paid for.

A Happy Ending

Thanks to Yvonne Cook and the Lymm Parish Council, the clock now chimes four times each hour and the people of Lymm know time again. Thank you everyone!

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.